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About Lightstreams Glass Tile - An American Manufacturing Company

Gold Iridescent Collection Steel Blue Glass Field Tiles installed in a random mix of both the shiny and iridescent sides of the unique reversible glass field tiles.

David Knox

Founder and President of Lightstreams Glass Tile

Lightstreams Glass Tile's Manteca, California manufacturing facility.  We manufacture all our tiles in the U.S.A.

Lightstreams Glass Tile is an American manufacturer passionate to create the highest quality and most beautifully complex glass tile for fine architectural and residential properties.  We use only the finest, first quality raw materials procured from American companies.  Our factory and all our employees are based in California. We do not import raw materials from, or outsource any work or jobs outside the USA.


Lightstreams Glass Tiles are substantial and rich, and their visual complexity beckons one to gaze, touch, and be mesmerized by the glass. Taking a rare optical perspective into the world of glass tile manufacturing, Lightstreams designs and produces a very unique and robust collection of exclusive products.  Lightstreams' glass formulas are optimized to gracefully balance the transmission and reflection of the entering light while maintaining each tile as a unique work of art. 


The unsurpassed robustness and visual quality of Lightstreams Glass Tile can elevate and differentiate the value of any installation, while adding luxury and richness to one's environment. 


Lightstreams glass tiles are offered in larger sizes because foremost in their design is exceptional clarity, depth, complex visual interest, rich internal color, and robustness of the glass.  Lightstreams Glass Tiles flourish in large formats, like highest quality diamonds that can stand alone as solitaires, and are not restricted to tiny sizes in order to be viable as diamonds.   It is Lightstreams' philosophy that the visual richness of deep, sensuous glass should be the focal point of a glass tile installation -- not large quantities of grout lines.


Lightstreams Glass Tile is based on a history of using light as a medium of art, science, and purpose.   Lightstreams' founder, David Knox, was also founder and president of Directed Light, an industrial laser company, and worked with crystal-based laser systems for 20 years.  He has extensive knowledge and experience in light manipulation, thin film optics, and optical materials -- including glass. He sees light as a beautiful stream of energy which is ours to bend, shape, spread, change, and with which to live in harmony.  


David Knox's various articles on his artistic and technical expertise in the development and design of glass tile will help one understand why Lightstreams Glass Tile is so refreshingly unique from other glass tile products and a leader -- not a follower -- in glass design and structural integrity.  David Knox creates and designs "outside the box".


David Knox started Lightstreams in Menlo Park, California and opened a factory in Mountain View, located about 40 miles south of San Francisco in the Silicon Valley. Lightstreams then moved to a differently factory in nearby Santa Clara, California. Recently, Lightstreams moved to a new factory in the valley in the city of Manteca, to accommodate our growing business.  We manufacture our glass tiles from the finest, first quality American-produced raw materials to ensure only compatible raw glass materials are used to create Lightstreams Glass Tile.


The goal in the design of our factory is to maintain the "one-of-a-kind" nature of each glass tile without restricting the ability to produce the volumes required by the marketplace.  To achieve that goal, we design and create our own proprietary formulas, machinery, tooling, and methodology which allows us to run continuously around the clock, and create the most stunning and unique glass tiles that are exclusive to Lightstreams Glass Tile.


Because the quality and beauty of Lightstreams Glass Tile are so visually stunning, we proudly post on our website, hundreds of close-up photographs of our glass in actual installations, and provide appropriate samples for projects which meet our quantity minimums.


Lightstreams Glass Tile is committed to creating the finest glass tile, as well as maintaining the highest customer service.  Please contact us and one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives will be glad to answer your questions regarding Lightstreams Glass Tile.  On our Testimonials page, clients share their feedback on their experience with Lightstreams Glass Tile.

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Exquisite Glass Tile Made in America

544 Industrial Park Drive
Manteca, CA 95337

209-647-2738 (FAX)

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