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Lightstreams Glass Tile

Custom Lightstreams Glass Swimming Pool Tile, Waterline Tile, & Spa Tile

Gallery #18

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Photo 18-1

American manufactured Lightstreams Glass Tiles are the exclusive glass tile products in this elaborate San Diego, California swimming pool design.   Please scroll down this page for more photographs and information on the Lightstreams Glass Tile used in this custom swimming pool project.


Designer and builder of the pool is Kathy Marosz of Vision Design and Watershapes.  All custom designed glass tile by Lightstreams Glass Tile Designer, David Knox.  Custom ceramics by Craig Bragdy, Denby, UK.  Photographs by MacDuff Everton.

Photo 18-2

The spa is tiled entirely in Lightstreams Glass Swimming Pool Tiles.  The interior of the spa includes use of Renaissance Collection Turquoise, Peacock, and Aqua iridescent glass field tiles, with accents of Lightstreams Red River Jewel glass tile in various forms.


The waterline tile for the all-tile spa is Lightstreams Renaissance Collection Turquoise iridescent glass tile, embellished with Mystic Spring Jewel Glass Accent Tiles. 

Photo 18-3
Photo 18-4
Photo 18-5
Photo 18-6

The steps of the all-tile spa are tiled with Lightstreams Renaissance Collection Turquoise iridescent glass tiles, and edged with Red River Jewel glass bullnose trim tile.    The spa floor tile is Renaissance Collection Peacock Blue iridescent glass tiles embellished with Red River Jewel glass accent tiles.

Photo 18-7
Photo 18-8

Click on photo below to read WaterShapes Magazine article on this Lightstreams Glass Tile project

Photo 18-9

Red River Jewel Glass Accent tiles are used as waterline tile for the  pool's "bar" area.

Photo 18-10
Photo 18-11

The in-pool bar stools are topped with Lightstreams Renaissance Collection Turquoise iridescent glass tiles, with a ring of Lightstreams Jewel Inlays highlighting the bar stool seats.

Photo 18-12
Photo 18-13

Dual strands of Lightstreams  Shell Beach glass accent tile strands edge many of the pool's steps.

Photo 18-14
Photo 18-15

One edge of the multi-level pool area is tiled with a mix of Renaissance Collection Turquoise iridescent glass pool tiles embellished with Mystic Spring Jewel Glass accent tiles. The ledge is edged with Lightstreams Mystic Spring 2"x6" Jewel glass tile bullnosed liner bars.

Photo 18-16
Photo 18-17
Photo 18-18

Custom designed ceramics by Craig Bragdy of Denby, UK create a colorful, but tranquil lagoon environment.

Photo 18-19
Photo 18-20
Photo 18-21

Lightstreams Jewel accent glass is incorporated into Craig Bragdy's custom ceramics for added sparkle.

Photo 18-22
Photo 18-23

Click on thumbnail below to read Aqua Magazine article on this project

Project Location - San Diego County

Field Tile - Renaissance Collection Aqua, Peacock, & Turquoise

Specialty Tile - Custom Jewels, Jewel Inlays, Shell Beach, Mystic Spring, Red River, &

                          Secret Garden Jewel Glass Accent Tiles

Designer - Kathy Marosz, Vision Design, & Watershapes

Glass Design - Lightstreams

Ceramics by - Craig Bragdy, Denby, United Kingdom (see links page)

Photography by - Macduff Everton

Exquisite Glass Tile Made in America

544 Industrial Park Drive

Manteca, CA 95337



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