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Lightstreams All Glass Tile Pools

Renaissance Collection Iridescent Glass Pool Tile at Jade Mountain Resort, St. Lucia

Gallery #2

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Photo 2-1

American-manufactured Lightstreams iridescent glass tiles were chosen for 25 ensuite swimming pools at Jade Mountain Resort in St. Lucia.  Each pool is one color from which the Renaissance Collection colors are based, with the iridescent sides of the glass pool tiles being used.


The glasstiles were specially designed for Jade Mountain Resort by Lightstreams glass designer, David Knox.  Architect for the Caribbean project was Jade Mountain Resort owner, Nick Troubetzkoy.   Photographs by Jade Mountain Resort, MacDuff Everton, and Lightstreams Glass Tile.


The following photos show just a few of the glass tile pool colors at the resort.


Photos above and directly below - Renaissance Collection Royal Blue iridescent glass pool tiles.

Photo 2-2
Photo 2-3
Photo 2-4
Photo 2-5
Photo 2-6
Photo 2-7
Photo 2-6

Below, Renaissance Collection Chinese Red iridescent glass pool tile:

Photo 2-8

Below, two different Jade Mountain Resort swimming pools tiled with Renaissance Collection Root Beer brown iridescent glass pool tile:

Photo 2-9
Photo 2-10
Photo 2-12
Photo 2-11
Photo 2-13

Below, Renaissance Collection Purple iridescent glass pool tiles:

Photo 2-14
Photo 2-15
Photo 2-16

Below, Renaissance Collection Peacock blue iridescent glass pool tiles:

Photo 2-17
Photo 2-18
Photo 2-19

Below, Renaissance Collection Spring Green iridescent glass pool tiles:

Photo 2-20
Photo 2-21
Photo 2-22
Photo 2-23

Below, the Jade Mountain clubhouse pool tiled in a blend of various Lightstreams Renaissance Collection iridescent glass pool tile colors:

Photo 2-24
Photo 2-25
Photo 2-26
Photo 2-27
Photo 2-28
Photo 2-29
Photo 2-30
Photo 2-31
Photo 2-32
Photo 2-33

Project Location - Jade Mountain Resort, St. Lucia

Field Tile - Renaissance Collection

                  (see Renaissance Collection Main Page)

Glass Design - David Knox

Architect - Nick Troubetzkoy (see links page)

Photography by - Jade Mountain, Macduff Everton & Lightstreams

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