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Lightstreams Glass Tile

Glass Tile Kitchen Backsplashes

Gallery #51

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Photo 51-1

American manufactured Lightstreams Glass Tiles create beautiful kitchen backsplashes.  The richness of the many available transparent internal colors and the option for having shiny or iridescent glass -- or both -- allow for numerous design options for any kitchen backsplash.   


Please scroll down this page to view many color and design ideas for Lightstreams Glass Tiles for your glass kitchen backsplash tile.


The photos directly above and below are of a Las Vegas, Nevada kitchen which uses Lightstreams Gold Iridescent Collection Bronze (brown) glass tiles which compliment the warm cabinetry and huge granite island countertop.

Photo 51-2

The homeowner for the San Francisco Bay Area kitchen below, chose Gold Iridescent Collection Steel Blue glass tiles for his kitchen backsplash, which goes well with the light cabinetry and Emerald Pearl granite countertops.

Photo 51-3
Photo 51-4
Photo 51-5
Photo 51-6

The New York residence kitchen below boasts a dramatic backsplash of Renaissance Collection Dark Silver iridescent glass tiles to contrast the rich cabinetry and stainless steel appliances.  The almost black glass tiles and vivid iridescent highlights are visually striking.

Photo 51-7
Photo 51-8

Below, a completely opposite palette than the kitchen above, has a Renaissance Collection Misty iridescent counter to ceiling glass tile kitchen backsplash.  The glassy white glass tiles create an airy backdrop to the sunny kitchen of the San Francisco Bay Area home.

Photo 51-9
Photo 51-10

A Caribbean kitchen on the island of St. Lucia is tiled in Renaissance Collection Intense Blue 2"x2" iridescent glass tiles.  The iridescent highlights are notable even in the late day sunlight of the breezy kitchen, and the beautiful blue glass tile is perfect with the white cabinetry and natural shutters.

Photo 51-11
Photo 51-12
Photo 51-13

A cheery Renaissance Collection Spring Green iridescent glass tile kitchen backslash is the focal point in this remodeled Victorian kitchen. 

Photo 51-14
Photo 51-15

Below, Renaissance Collection Citron Green glass tiles are a cool color choice for this modern New York City kitchen backsplash featuring red and white lacquered cabinetry and granite countertops.

Photo 51-16

Below, Renaissance Collection Mint Green iridescent glass tiles create a similar cool backdrop for this more traditional Floridian kitchen, below.

Photo 51-17
Photo 51-18

Various patterns of Lightstreams Jewel Glass Accent Tiles and Jewel Inlays glass accent tile strands provide a color punch to the stainless steel kitchen backsplash and provide some color balance to the bright blue countertop of this Southern California kitchen. 

Photo 51-19
Photo 51-20

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