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Lightstreams Glass Tile

Renaissance Collection Custom Color Mix Glass Swimming Pool Waterline and Spa

Gallery #61

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Photo 61-1

In this diverse swimming pool and spa in Iowa, a custom color mix of Renaissance Collection Aqua Blue, Celadon, Intense Blue, Jade, and Peacock is used as waterline tile, step marker tile and spa tile.


  We thank Pool Tech Midwest for providing these photographs.

Photo 61-2
Photo 61-3
Photo 61-4
Photo 61-5
Photo 61-6
Photo 61-7
Photo 61-8
Photo 61-9
Photo 61-10
Photo 61-11
Photo 61-12
Photo 61-13

Project Location - Iowa

Field Tile - Renaissance Collection Aqua, Celadon, Intense Blue, Jade, & Peacock

Builder - Pool Tech Midwest (see links page)

Photography - Pool Tech Midwest

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