Lightstreams Glass Tile

Gold Iridescent Collection SBBS Mix 

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Lightstreams Gold Iridescent Collection SBBS is a three complementary color mix of Steel Blue, Bronze, and Silverado.

           Steel Blue                                                    Bronze                                                    Silverado 




 Installation Photos



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High quality American made Lightstreams Gold Iridescent Collection Cloud glass tiles are clear, and appear white once installed. 



All Gold Iridescent Collection Glass Mosaic Tile Colors





   Cloud           Steel Blue    Aquamarine     Sage          Amber         Bronze         Crimson      Silverado     Obsidian



                                                                                        SBBS Mix



For a list of specifications for all Gold Iridescent Collection glass field tiles, click HERE.

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Lightstreams Glass Tile is an American manufacturer of the highest quality architectural and artistic glass tile suitable as glass mosaic tile, pool tile, backsplash tile, shower tile, wall tile, and floor tile.