Lightstreams Jewel Inlays Decorative Glass Tile Strands

"Glass Jewelry for Your Tile Project"

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Photo 1

We recently improved our design and all pieces are now hand cut to about 3/8" wide with equal grout spacing.

This adds more glass to a linear foot and makes installation much easier.



Below, a close-up of a section of a Jewel Inlays glass accent tile strand.  The mesh strand is on a white background.



Photo 2

Jewel Inlays are unique and beautiful jewelry quality glass accent tiles.   Random patterns and colors of exclusive Lightstreams Jewel Glass Accent Tiles are cut into mini-rectangles, nominally 7/8" high and in equal widths, and mounted on 12" mesh strips.  The Jewel glass patterns used to create Jewel Inlays are fro our regular patterns, plus special unreleased Jewel glass which are added at different times to make every Jewel Inlays order unique and special.


These decorative glass tile strands create a spectacular linear accent which, installed end-to-end, can be used in lieu of any liner bar accent on tiled walls, backsplashes, pool steps, etc.  Jewel Inlays can embellish glass tile, ceramic tile, granite, marble, slate, etc.,  and can also be installed on to-be plastered or pebble-finished pool surfaces. 


Jewel Inlays glass tile strands are sold by the linear foot, with a 10-linear foot minimum quantity per order. 


A related product which is designed specifically for to-be plastered or pebble finished pool surfaces are Shell Beach glass accent tile strands:



Photo 3

Below is a stainless steel kitchen backsplash accented with strands of Lightstreams Jewel Inlays glass accent tile strands, and 2"x2" Jewel glass accent tiles:



Photo 4

Below are swimming pool bar stools and bar accented with strands of Jewel Inlays glass accent tiles:



Photo 5
Photo 6

Strands of Jewel Inlays are bordered by Renaissance Celadon glass tiles to create a lovely pool step marker for this swimming pool:



Photo 7
Photo 8