Lightstreams Decorative Jewel Glass Accent Pool Trim Tile

"Jewelry for Your Swimming Pool"

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Photo 1
Photo 2

Above, two views of a Lightstreams Red River Jewel glass bullnose trim tile.


Below, a Mystic Spring Jewel 2"x6" bullnose glass trim tile piece:



Photo 3

Below, two views of Mystic Spring Jewel 2"x6" bullnose glass trim tiles edging a Lightstreams Glass Tiled pool spillway ledge:



Photo 4
Photo 5

Below, a Lightstreams Aegean Sea Jewel 90 degree bent glass tile trim piece:



Photo 6

Below, swimming pool steps edged in Lightstreams Red River Jewel 90 degree bent glass trim tile:



Photo 7

Exquisite Glass Tile Made in America

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