Lightstreams Decorative Jewel Glass Accent Pool Trim Tile

"Jewelry for Your Swimming Pool"

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Photo 1
Photo 2

Above, two views of a Lightstreams Red River Jewel glass bullnose trim tile.


Below, a Mystic Spring Jewel 2"x6" bullnose glass trim tile piece:



Photo 3

Below, two views of Mystic Spring Jewel 2"x6" bullnose glass trim tiles edging a Lightstreams Glass Tiled pool spillway ledge:



Photo 4
Photo 5

Below, a Lightstreams Aegean Sea Jewel 90 degree bent glass tile trim piece:



Photo 6

Below, swimming pool steps edged in Lightstreams Red River Jewel 90 degree bent glass trim tile:



Photo 7

Exquisite Glass Tile Made in America

544 Industrial Park Drive
Manteca, CA 95337

209-647-2738 (FAX)

Lightstreams Glass Tile is an American manufacturer of the highest quality architectural and artistic glass tile suitable as glass mosaic tile, pool tile, backsplash tile, shower tile, wall tile, and floor tile.