Renaissance Collection Misty 2.0 Glass Tile

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High quality American-made Lightstreams Renaissance Collection Misty glass tiles are clear, but will appear white once installed using the specified white mortar.  The reverse, textured side of the tiles will display faint rainbow iridescent colors.



For a list of specifications for all Lightstreams Renaissance II Collection Glass tiles, click HERE.




All Lightstreams Renaissance Collection II Glass Mosaic Tile Colors:







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Lightstreams Glass Tiles are hand-crafted art glass. Each and every glass tile is unique, and there may be differences from tile to tile, and from manufacturing run to manufacturing run, even within the same pattern. All photos and samples are provided as a guide only as to the general look, visual texturing, and quality of the glass. The tiles in your order may have slightly different patterning and coloring than the photos or any samples you receive, and from manufacturing run to manufacturing run.




Because of the one-of-a-kind nature of the Jewel glass tiles and specialty products, all sales are final with no returns or credits for unused tiles. We highly recommend you order 10% additional tile with your initial order to help ensure all the tiles in your order will be from the same manufacturing run, if possible.



All stated sizes are nominal.








Ruby Dream Jewel Glass Accent Pool Tile Product Specifications





       Type of Product:

                        -  Glass Accent Tiles, Glass Tiles, Glass Mosaic Tile (for use as an embellishment to other materials)


       Country of Origin:

                       - Manufactured in Manteca, California, U.S.A. 



       Suitable For:

                      - Tile markers for pool steps, swim shelves, spa benches, pool floors, etc.

                      -  Also, as accents to:

                                 - Pool tile

                                 - Spa tile

                                 - Waterline tile

                                 - Wall tile

                                 - Backsplash tile

                                 - Shower tile

                                 - Bathroom tile

                                 - Floor tile

                                 - Countertop or vanity tile





                    - Robust, thick, and substantial

                    - Complex internal coloring and patterning completely encapsulated in glass

                    - Edges and corners are finished, shiny, and smooth to the touch

                    - Can be installed in interior, exterior, wet, or dry installations

                    - Can be installed in both hot and freezing climates

                    - Square or linear bar Jewel tiles can be easily cut with a wet tile saw and recommended diamondblade






                   - Art and jewelry-quality materials and designs

                   - Unsurpassed quality and clarity of glass

                   - Complex internal patterning and colors developed with proprietary Lightstreams glass formulas and manufacturing processes

                   - Color may appear to change depending on viewing angle and lighting

                   - Each tile is unique and characteristics may vary greatly from manufacturing run to manufacturing run

                   - Hand-crafted and manufactured to order in Manteca, California

                   - Developed by a laser technologist with a focus on creating glass tile of the highest architectural, artistic, and optical quality




                 - Jewel Glass Accent Tiles

                            - 1"x1"      - 1/2" x 6"

                            - 2"x2"      - 1" x 6"

                            - 3"x3"      - 2" x 6"


                       All stated sizes are nominal

      Minimum Order:



               - Jewel Glass Accent Tiles

               - 5 pieces per part number and size

               - $250 per order

      How Sold:

              - Direct, and through selected resellers in certain regions of the country





             - Manufactured to order.

             - Manufacturing turnaround time averages 4+ weeks from date of order to ship date; trim pieces require a minimum of 5 weeks manufacturing time from date of order to ship date.

             - Insured ground shipping FOB Manteca, California 95337





           - Jewel Glass can be custom manufactured into bullnose and 90 degree bent trim pieces

           - Minimum order $1500

           - Please e-mail us at for and price quote and limitations

           - Custom Jewel glass designs available for selected projects.

           - Please send your inquiry to



         - Proper preparation of substrate, including waterproofing if applicable, proper installation, and use of specified setting materials is the responsibility of the installer. Please follow ANSI and Tile Council of North America standards for glass tile installation, as well as guidelines provided in our Installation Recommendations. Should there be any questions about installation, please contact us PRIOR to installing the tiles.


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        - For most orders, payment in full at time order is initiated

        - Visa , Master card, check, or wire transfers accepted

        - Due to custom nature of Lightstreams Glass Tile, sales are final with no returns or refunds



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Exquisite Glass Tile Made in America

544 Industrial Park Drive

Manteca, CA 95337

209-647-2738 (FAX)