Lightstreams Shell Beach Decorative Glass Tile Strands

"Jewelry for Your Swimming Pool"

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Photo 1

Above, a sample of a Shell Beach glass accent tile mesh strip (~ 12" in total length), set on white cardboard.


Below, a close-up of a section of a Shell Beach glass accent tile strand.  The mesh strand is on a black background

Photo 2

Shell Beach is a unique and festive swimming pool embellishment that is an exclusive Lightstreams Glass Tile product, and one of our most popular!  Shell Beach decorative glasstile strands consist of random patterns and colors of genuine Lightstreams exquiste Jewel Glass Accent Tiles of various shapes and sizes.  These lovely "shells" are mesh mounted on 12 inch mesh strips in a whimsical scalloped / wavy pattern.  When the mesh strips are installed end-to-end, they make mesmerizing pool step markers for swimming pools, swim shelves, swim lanes, sun and spa benches, etc.  Installed on a pool surface, Shell Beach glass looks like sparkling jeweled "sea shells" that have washed up onto a beach.


The Jewel glass tile patterns used in Shell Beach come from our amazingly beautiful Jewel glass accent tile product line, as well as special un-released Jewel glass that we sometimes add to make each and every Shell Beach strand unique and fresh.  Therefore, Shell Beach glass tile strands purchased at different times will contain different Jewel glass patterns.


Lightstreams continually redesigns and evolves its products, and Shell Beach has evolved from many tiny glass tile "shells" per linear foot to about 10 to 12 larger Jewel glass "shells" per strip, responding to installers' feedback that larger "shells" set at least 1/4" apart are easier around which to install and apply plaster or pebble-finish.


Because of the wavy pattern, Shell Beach glass tile strands are designed for swimming pool surfaces that are to be plasted or pebble-finished.  Lightstreams offers another Jewel glass strand product for straight linear designs, such as accenting regular backsplash tile, wall tile, floor tile, etc.  This product is Jewel Inlays.

Photo 3

Shell Beach glass tile strands are sold by the linear foot, with a 10-linear foot minimum quantity per order. 


Below in Photos 4 and 5, Shell Beach is featured on plastered swimming pool steps in a pool by NVblu of Chantilly, VA.


Photo 4
Photo 5

Below is a photograph of Shell Beach glass accent tile strands on natural color pebble-finished swimming pool steps:



Photo 6

Below are close-ups of Shell Beach glass on dark pebble-finished pool steps:



Photo 7
Photo 8

Below two parallel strands of Shell Beach glass accent tile strands edge the wavy edge of this light plastered pool steps, creating double the whimsical feel of the Shell Beach glass.



Photo 9

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