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Lightstreams Glass Tile 

Feedback and Testimonials from Clients




Lightstreams Glass Tile is committed to offering the highest quality glass tile as well as excellent customer service. Please feel free to e-mail comments and feedback regarding our tile, website, and service.


Below is a sample of some of the feedback we have received from clients regarding their Lightstreams Glass Tile experience.


The renovation of our pool is finally completed and we wish to thank you and your company very much for the excellent communications, outstanding customer service, important recommendations, and of course, most evidentally, your beautiful and unique glass tiles.


As you can well imagine, South Florida must be among the pool capitals of the country, and we have been told by many friends that our pool is truly outstanding. Your glass tiles are the contributing element that has made it so special.



Bernard and Harriet Shavitz

Boca Raton, Florida

Thank you for all of your help and assistance with our project. Lightstreams has been outstanding to deal with. Again thank you for getting us the product ahead of schedule, even just before your factory move, and again for all of the follow up emails and phone calls to see how things were going. It was a real pleasure to deal with your company and we are thrilled how everything turned out. We will definitely talk to you again.



Best Regards,

John Stein

SRK Pools

I cannot wait to receive my order! I want to thank you again for going above and beyond to help us. It is most appreciated by my husband and myself. It is nice to see that in this fast paced world that there is still such a thing as personal customer care. I look forward to working with you later in our pool and patio project.


Sincere Regards,


I just want you to know that you are remarkably responsive and welcoming; I really appreciate those characteristics. Thank you again for taking time out of your day to help me out.






I wanted to just say thank you for your help with the glass tiles. They are so beautiful and we are so looking forward to seeing the final outcome when the pool is done.

It was such a pleasure to work with you!


All my best,



Thank you so much for all of the information you have given me. You so far have been the best tile company I have ever worked with so far and I have been in the business for 12 years. I really look forward working with you.

Have a great day!

Debbie Swafford

Claffey Pools

Thank you so much for your email. My reply is so long overdue, please forgive me. The 24K gold tiles are installed with the pebble tec and we just filled the pool. Once the curing process is complete in a couple weeks we can send you some pictures. It looks absolutely amazing! We are so pleased. The tiles are definitely a very special detail and everyone who has seen our pool has been very impressed by it. Prepare to sell a lot of the gold tiles!

Thank you for sharing about the Microsoft video featuring Lightstreams and your president David Knox. My husband and I enjoyed watching the video and learning about your company. We were so impressed with your website and our initial introduction to you and your company, it would be a pleasure for us to be included in your gallery of amazing applications of the Lightstreams products. I have to tell you how much we appreciate doing business with you. From our first phone call and they way you introduce yourself on your website is very inviting and professional.

You are a perfect example that one can provide outstanding customer service with a personal touch. The care you took of our relatively small order was the same as if you were dealing with a multi-million dollar order. We appreciate that. Not only is your service impeccable, the product is truly a work of art. We fell in love with all the samples you sent and I know my husband will be incorporating your tiles in his designs for years to come. Once we had our hearts set on the gold tiles, we even extended our finish date to accommodate waiting for their production, you could imagine our disappointment when the batch you made for us turned out differently. Instead of trying to “force” something new onto us, you were so thoughtful to offer to try again and even expedite the order while simultaneously supply us with the sample of the new tile so we could decide for ourselves. It was difficult to imagine we could like the variation on the new tile even better, but we did!

We will gladly recommended anyone to you!

Take good care,



I apologize for this being so delayed. I meant to send this a couple of months ago; but you know how it goes - it's April and before you know it, it's almost August. We LOVE the glass tile on the pool. An added bonus is when the lighting is right and the pool cleaner not on, you can see the reflection of the tiles on the water - it is then you can really see all the colors in the tiles......we are very pleased with the glass tile on our pool remodel.

I've attached a couple more pictures showing the iredescent colors on the water. Please feel free to use any or none of the pictures on your website. If you do use a picture or two, please just drop us a note so that we can "brag" to others.




Just wanted to write and tell you that we have a 100% completely satisfied client! She is absolutely in love with the Shell Beach glass tile we installed in her pool and told me she could not be happier with the results. You will definitely hear from us soon regarding many more clients, as we were particularly impressed with your stellar customer service, friendly staff, and quality product.


Drew Crowder
Managing Partner - Commercial Design | Residential Planning
NVblu, Inc.
“Water by Design” ®


....I should have added that the staff at Lightstreams was super nice to deal with. I ordered at the outset of planning, and received my ordered in about 2-3 weeks, safely packed for shipping. My PB and his tile guy said it was easy to work with.



Greeting from Florida! Hope you and everyone there are doing well. I have an update for you.

I am so excited to share with you that at long last our backsplash was installed yesterday. Even with the stainless steel tiles still in their protective coatings, I can see that it is going to be spectacular. I will e-mail you photographs upon completion. I also want to thank you for your recommendation of using “Secret Garden” when I was looking for a suggestion for other colors. I love this tile and will more than likely incorporate this as the dominate tile color for our pool renovation. Your photograph does not begin to do it justice!

Thank you.

I just received our lightstreams glass tile - we got the shell beach go around our sun deck and then we are doing the Aegean Sea Diamonds for all of our step and bench markers. They are AMAZING! Even better than I had expected. ...they (Lightstreams) are super nice to work with.



I know you have met ....the pool contractor on this job . I was very happy to introduce him to your company and he is very impressed with your product! .....we are enchanted with your amazing jewel glass series, and your photos of fields of glass tile in pools. I have to say, your website is fabulous and your service so far is outstanding.




I just love your tile! When I first found it on the internet, I decided I had to have Lightstreams tile for our pool. It was difficult to find a local installer but fortunately I did, and he did a great job. He really liked your tile too! He commented on how easy it was to work with compared to other glass tile.



Thanks again. Your company will figure high on our list of great companies to deal with. We'll tell everyone who asks, and our pool designer will be able to recommend your tiles to other clients.

You have provided us a wonderful service given the time constraints and I thank you again for your prompt and exquisite service.


These are fantastically beautiful......I am simply ecstatic about the quality .

We have your tile. It looks great… The Secret Garden is really great. Great packing, by the way.

Once again -- we appreciate all you did for us -- getting us the tile & helping us through the process. We'll do all we can to promote you & your product.

You’re amazing. Thanks very much. A zillion blessings.

The Shell Beach tiles were even more beautiful than I anticipated.


I ordered the Renaissance line of tiles for my pool and they are absolutely gorgeous! I also placed the shell beach inlay on the steps and I feel like I have jewelry for my pool.


Thank you for fast turnaround. Tiles are awesome!!


We love your product, and promote it all the time! …our order was in fact, micro. It did, however, MAKE our bathroom exquisite!


You guys are a great team! Again, thank you for the quick response to my request!


Thank you for the beautiful tile. We have just installed it in our pool and it looks fantastic.


You guys are so nice to work with!


… we used your beautiful glass …. In my opinion, that detail makes the pool, the shining jewels against the natural aggregate finish are just the perfect elegant detail.


They are absolutely beautiful - exceeded my expectations. I saw your website and then did searching on my own, looking locally at many tile stores. One very high-end store had a few choices, but nothing that compared to yours...


The tile and the jewels are gorgeous!


WOW, thank you soooo much!! I’ve nothing but good things to say about your products and website to all of my friends. I really appreciate your help I love your glass tiles so much.


You guys are the best....really makes me feel good to do business with you.


Thanks for the shell beach tile…, I received it yesterday and it is so beautiful!


We've had a lot of compliments on the new kitchen and quite a few " Wow!" and " OMG" reactions when people see the glass tile.











Exquisite Glass Tile Made in America
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Manteca, CA 95337

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