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All Glass Tiles Are NOT Alike

Why You Should Consider American-Manufactured Lightstreams Glass Tiles

In today's market, there are hundreds of glass tile products in all price ranges and varying levels of quality. Because most glass tile projects are intended to be enjoyed for a lifetime, we believe glass tile should not only be durable, high quality, and functional, but also elicit a positive and fulfilling response each and every time you experience it. We believe Lightstreams Glass Tile will meet or exceed your desires, is of the quality you deserve, and priced commensurate with the lifetime of enjoyment you will derive from it and the value it will add to your environment.

Following is a list of key characteristics of American-manufactured Lightstreams Glass Tile which may be helpful to you in making an informed decision when comparing Lightstreams Glass Tiles with other glass tile products in today's market. Lightstreams Glass Tiles are a classic and timeless material with leading edge design and superior technical structure. Properly installed, they should last a lifetime as well as elevate and differentiate your glass tile project from simple to stunning.



Lightstreams glass is designed and manufactured in Manteca, California, from the finest domestic first quality raw materials, and with strict quality control of glass compatibles, formulas, and manufacturing processes -- nothing is imported, and no raw glasses of unknown origin or compatibility are used. 

-  All Lightstreams glass tiles are developed by David Knox, a former Silicon Valley laser designer, who combines high-tech laser light manipulation expertise with artistic passion to create glass with robust structural quality and extraordinary visual complexity 

-  Manufactured with Lightstreams-developed proprietary tooling and processes, Lightstreams Glass Tiles can be manufactured in large quantities yet retain hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind quality and visual interest 

-  Lightstreams does not use paint to create a "colored" glass tile because 1) paint is the least costly method to add "color" to glass, 2) paint is not permanent and can separate from the glass, 3) paint may react adversely to various setting materials and so may degrade after installation, and 4) paint is opaque and negates the visual richness transparent glass offers. 

-  Every Lightstreams tile is individually polished so all edges and corners are smooth to the touch, making them safe for use in swimming pools, bathrooms, floors, and other areas where they may come in contact with bare skin. 

-  Because Lightstreams Glass Tiles are robust and high quality, there are no brittle and jagged edges, and Lightstreams tiles can be cleanly cut with a wet tile saw and recommended diamond blade (MK 215), allowing for mitered corners, and fitting of tiles around curves. 

-  Lightstreams glass has been tested by recognized mortar manufacturers to ensure compatibility for use with specified products (see Installation Recommendations


-  Lightstreams glass is robust and substantial, and when properly installed using the specified white mortar, is suitable for exterior, interior, and wet or dry installations in all climates.

-  Lightstreams Glass Tiles are a sustainable material. With proper installation using the specified white mortar and regular maintenance, Lightstreams glass can last as long, if not longer, than other fired tiling materials (i.e., ceramic tile).  


-  While proper installation is the responsibility of the tile installer, Lightstreams provides instructions on how to install Lightstreams Glass Tiles in an easy-to follow photo / text guide.  Our recommendations are based on ANSI and TCNA standards, as well as our experience.  We are glad to discuss the nuances of installation techniques with any installer.

-  Optional free tape mounting of Lightstreams tile is available using a clear, front-face tape which makes lining up grout spaces of the taped tile sheets possible (as opposed to some glass tile brands which are mounted to opaque paper)  


Tape mounting the FRONT of the tiles allows for 100% of the backsides of the tiles to be mortared to the substrate.  Especially for pool, shower, and other "wet" installations, this is preferred over mesh-mounted tiles, as mesh comes between the tile and the substrate causing a less than complete bonding of the tile to the substrate. Mesh material can also interact negatively with mortar material which may affect bond of the glass to the substrate.  Water greatly adds to exposing weaknesses in the mortar/tile bond.  


-  Lightstreams Glass Tiles are not made from post consumer recycled glass, but glass itself is a "green" sustainable material.  Because mixing raw or recycled glasses of non-compatible coefficients of expansion and contraction can result in stresses in the final glass product, Lightstreams chooses to create ONLY with the finest quality American raw materials to ensure 100% compatibility among the raw glasses. This quality control ensures Lightstreams' proprietary glass formulas result in durable, high quality, and visually stunning glass that can be used in wet installations such as swimming pools, showers, fountains, etc., as well as in exterior installations in freezing and hot climates. 

-  Leftover or unused Lightstreams glass is often reformulated for use in other compatible glass-related products, thus minimizing waste to landfills.



-  Lightstreams Glass Tiles are refreshingly original in design, with a focus on transparency, clarity, and visual depth of glass, which are unique characteristics to glass as a material, but often ignored by other glass tile manufacturers


-  Lightstreams glass designs achieve visual richness through internal texturing and/or permanent transparent color, thus allowing light to enter and interact within the glass's complex structure and color

-  Lightstreams Glass Tiles are substantial (thick) and robust. Internal texturing and seeded bubbles are designed into the glass, providing visual depth and dimension to the transparent glass 

-  Lightstreams does not use paint to create a "colored" glass tile because 1) paint is the least costly method to add "color" to glass, 2) paint is not permanent and can separate from the glass, 3) paint may react adversely to various setting materials and so may degrade after installation, and 4) paint is opaque and negates the visual richness transparent glass offer 


-  Lightstreams' tiles are offered in larger tile sizes which showcase the quality, richness, and visual depth of the glass as the focal point of each installation (instead of grout lines)

-  Due to the high quality and complex design of the Renaissance Collection and Gold Iridescent Collection glass tiles, the tiles are reversible, with each side creating a different visual result, affording numerous installation design possibilities with just one style and color of tile 

-  Because each Lightstreams tile is individually fired and not created in a mold, every tile is wonderfully organic and unique from another

-  Lightstreams Glass Tiles have been selected by designers and architects for use in fine luxury and upscale commercial and residential properties around the world 


-  Every Lightstreams tile is individually polished so all edges and corners are smooth to the touch, making them safe for use in swimming pools, bathrooms, floors, and any other tiled areas where they may come in contact with bare skin 

-  Custom Lightstreams' bullnose and 90 degree glass tile trim pieces are an exclusive Lightstreams' option that can be ordered and manufactured only when ordered with Lightstreams glass field tiles 

-  Lightstreams Glass Tiles are exclusive high-end, high quality luxury glass tiles mainly sold direct from Lightstreams via our website (a few products are sold through a very select group of resellers). By not diluting the Lightstreams brand in thousands of tile stores, we can offer Lightstreams Glass Tile at wholesale prices and retain the superior quality and artistic integrity of the glass. 

-  Lightstreams offers only first quality glass. Because we wish to maintain the value and exclusivity of the glass, it is not our policy to sell "seconds" or overruns at reduced prices 

-  With years of focused, technical R&D devoted to perfecting our proprietary glass formulas, designs, and manufacturing processes, the structural quality and complex artistic attributes which differentiate Lightstreams Glass Tile from others should remain proprietary to Lightstreams for many years to come, and thereby uphold the value of genuine Lightstreams Glass Tile installations. 




-  Lightstreams Glass Tile is an American company. We manufacture Lightstreams Glass Tile in Manteca, California using only the finest first quality raw materials from U.S.A. suppliers. ALL Lightstreams employees work in California. We do not import any raw materials from, or outsource any jobs to Mexico, China, or any other foreign country. 


-  Lightstreams Glass Tile's staff consists of dedicated people committed to providing personalized customer service  

-  Our sales staff is very knowledgeable about Lightstreams Glass Tile because we are the manufacturer -- we design the glass, we create the glass, we know the glass

-  Lightstreams is an internet-based company with an informative, visually rich website that provides thousands of detailed photographs of Lightstreams Glass Tile's products and installation designs -- we LOVE showing the quality and unique beauty of our glass up close and personal!  

-  We are available by phone or e-mail to assist you in choosing the most suitable Lightstreams Glass Tile for your project, design, and budget, and, thanks to the power of the internet, we sometimes respond to e-mails after standard work hours and on weekends. 


-  Lightstreams Glass Tile's sales associates are not commissioned -- we are here to provide you with information to help you choose the best Lightstreams Glass Tile for your project. When we answer your phone call or e-mail, we respond to your specific questions. 

-  We gladly provide appropriate samples for projects which exceed our order quantity/dollar minimums  


-  We have many repeat orders from commercial and private homeowner clients, and orders which are the result of referrals by previous satisfied clients -- not only because of our exclusive glass, but also because of our personalized customer service 


-  Many clients enthusiastically share their Lightstreams Glass Tile project results with testimonials or photos and offer them for use on our website -- and we try to use as many as possible. It is extremely rewarding when customers take the time to say thank you and share a part of their personal life with us, and we feel it is a testament to the excellent business relationships we form with our clients.

-  We appreciate feedback regarding our products, our website, and your experience with Lightstreams Glass Tile, and try to respond to all comments.


-  We appreciate and respect that many discerning clients invest in the exclusivity and quality of Lightstreams Glass Tiles because of the value and beauty the glass adds to their environment. We are as appreciative of the many people who desire Lightstreams Glass Tiles just because they are so fabulous! 

-  Because there are thousands of other tile products from which to choose, we understand your experience with Lightstreams Glass Tile, as a company, is as important as your experience with Lightstreams Glass Tile's products. We strive to make your entire Lightstreams Glass Tile experience enjoyable, satisfying, informative, and fun! 

  Homeowners, please click here for our Retail Price List.  Contractors, please click here to fill out our Contact Form or contact us by phone or email for Contractor pricing of all Lightstreams Glass Tile products.

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